About Us

Afaq law firm is a group of independent licensed Jordanian lawyers based in Amman comprising a group of attorneys at law and legal consultants. Senior lawyers have had experience, providing legal services to clients in various areas of law, such as labor and employment law, construction law, real estate transactions, telecommunications law, investment law, corporate and commercial law, government procurement regulations and government contracts, and education.  Our team has served companies, individuals, and governmental entities.

Lawyers are result focused, and aim to realize the interests of their respective clients, in accordance with the law, by providing them with practical, efficient, timely advice. Our aim is to serve the interests of the clients through understanding their needs, learning their industry, rendering high quality service, and producing innovative legal solutions.

Attorneys and legal counselors at Afaq Consulting are specialized in a wide range of areas of legal expertise. They understand what clients expect from their qualified lawyers: respect, responsiveness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and creativity. Clients' expectations are our value; fulfilling them is our mission.

Our aim is to exceed our clients' expectations in adding value to them. Our fee arrangements are transparent, flexible, and tailored towards ensuring value for money - not money for hours.


A New Approach to Legal Services

Our services can be distinguished from many general and specialized law firms in Jordan in that we take a new approach to the provision of legal services and a flexible structure of the relationship with the clients.

Our approach rests on learning clients' industries and anticipating their needs so that we can be a legal extension to your business.

Our lawyers are committed to innovation both in providing creative, practical and efficient legal advice and in offering new cost-effective structures for the counsel-client relationship. that is achieved through:

-  A client-centered approach that aims to provide added value to the client's business in providing legal consulting and litigation services. Our goal is to learn your business (off the clock!) to anticipate your needs, avoid legal problems, and solve those that you may encounter.

- varied forms of legal services, including document review and legal research tasks conducted by junior lawyers to aid client's in-house legal department.


- the client will engage a lawyer who will ensure the provision of full legal services to the client through associating with other experienced contract-lawyers at Afaq Consulting law office, or - if need be - other lawyers; this ensure the client cost-effective legal services (as if the client has engaged different solo legal practitioners) while receiving full legal services from a group of experienced and specialized lawyers (as when dealing with a big law firm).


Social Responsibility


Afaq law firm is committed to serving the community and to the promotion of the rule of law. Members of the law firm have helped individuals pursue their small claims. And we plan for activities to raise public awareness of rights, responsibilities, and the rule of law in a democratic society.


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