Legal Services

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our specialized legal counselors can help our clients choose the setup of their new business and counsel them on general corporate governance, developing contracts, maintaining the suitable legal structure, corporate finance, joint ventures, and ensuring compliance at all times with pertinent regulatory requirements, including compliance with the Securities Law and the regulations of the Securities Commission.

Our team is also well placed to provide advice and effective legal services in drafting and executing stock purchase agreements, agency and distributorships, shareholder agreements, asset or business purchase agreements, and employment contracts.



The firm's team has ample experience in trials and appeals with comprehensive specializations, covering business and commercial litigation; corporate and partnership disputes; non-compete agreements; creditor/debtor disputes; tenants and landlords; employment and labor law litigation; real estate disputes; construction litigation; tort and environmental law


Construction Law

Our partners have experience in representing clients in the negotiation and bidding of construction contracts relating to both private construction and government contracts; dispute and claims resolutions, including arbitration and where necessary litigation.


Investment Law

Our team offers legal consulting on setting up entities, procuring authorizations, permits, and licenses in accordance with the Companies law and investment laws, including the laws and regulations of development zones, free zones, and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. Also, we cover foreign or international investment under domestic law as well as bilateral investment treaties.


Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs

Afaq consulting provides services of legal representation of individuals and businesses before governmental bodies, administrative authorities, and municipal councils and committees.

Afaq Consulting builds on the experience of partners to provide legislative review and drafting services.


Property Law and Real Estate

We provide a wide range of litigation and transactional services related to real property, including the following:

·        Purchase and sale of all types of commercial property

·        Municipal law, land use, planning and zoning;

·        Real estate development;

·        Division of co-ownership;

·        Compulsory acquisition;

·        Landlords and Tenants relations.

·        Executing and enforcement of security interests in real property.



Our team offers legal services regarding drafting and reviewing business policies relating to employment, institutional employee regulations, and employment contracts and non-compete agreements.

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